How to create a free SSL certificate using ZeroSSL and CNAME

Secure Socket Layer(SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are security protocols to secure communication between server and client. A TLS/SSL certificate (commonly known as SSL certificate) is required to enable TLS/SSL in your site and serve your website using https protocol.

This article explains how to get SSL certificate from ZeroSSL, a trusted certificate authority.

  • Create a ZeroSSL account and login.
  • Click ‘New Certificate’
  • Enter the domain name and click next
  • Select the validity as 90 days
  • Autogenerate/ manually update the CSR
  • Select the free plan and proceed to verify the domain.
  • Add the CNAME in you domain registrar.

Note: For GoDaddy, only add the name up to the first dot in name field of CNAME record.

  • Download the certificate after successful verification.



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